The Verdict - Join HAA’s drama team

Posted: January 10, 2017
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The Verdict

Join HAA’s drama team, Act in Faith, as they perform The Verdict, a modern-time play that brings to trial Christian beliefs and values. Look into the possible future with us at a time when Christianity is discouraged and frowned on by those in public office. The New Society has taken over in the United States and people are being forced to choose between what’s in their hearts and what society expects of them. Anyone who is found guilty of being an ‘active’ Christian can be sent to jail. Many Christians are being put in trial for their beliefs in this New Society. Performances as follows:

Friday, January 20 at Downers Grove SDA Church - 7 pm

Sabbath, January 21 at Fil Am SDA Church - 3:30 pm

Sabbath, January 21 at Hinsdale SDA Church - 7 pm


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